Tales of Lor’Iyslar

Evelyn Carter's unexpected fall through a portal from a dying Earth unveils the hidden wonders of Lor'Iyslar, a realm where ancient fae magic and secrets of a lost civilisation await…

The Crystal Spire

Tales of Lor'Iyslar - Book One

A crystal city, shrouded in myth. An ancient civilisation, long forgotten. One woman’s path will decide the destiny of worlds…

In the last human city on a dying Earth, Evelyn Carter lives a life of monotony, yearning for a spark of the extraordinary. But a chance fall through a rift in reality transports her to Lor'Iyslar—a realm of myth and forgotten magic. Here, she encounters Finn, exiled from his world and carrying secrets of his own.
As Evelyn grapples with her startling new reality, she finds herself drawn into Finn's quest to uncover the lost history of Lor'Iyslar and the mysterious floating crystal city—a legend filled with ancient fae magic, and a history erased by time and war.
With Finn as her guide, Evelyn embarks on a perilous journey through the fae world. Legends of ancient artefacts, hidden relics, and the power to reshape destinies come to life as they battle against time and darkness, where the very future of Lor'Iyslar hangs in the balance.
But as she stands at the crossroads of two worlds, Evelyn's quest transcends mere survival, challenging her to confront truths about herself and the realities she straddles. Faced with the choice to return to her old life or embrace the wonders of Lor'Iyslar, Evelyn stands before the crystal spire, where a single choice will shape the future of both realms to ultimate glory...or utter destruction.


The Golden Shard

Tales of Lor'Iyslar - Book Two

A haunted castle. A journey beyond time. The darkness below holds the key to a future untold...

It’s been a thousand years since Finn Oreah’anza last laid eyes on his ancestral home, the remote fortress known as Ith Ah'anza. Yet, upon his return with his newfound family—Evelyn, Aisling, Lorcan, and Naimh—they find the castle shrouded in darkness and despair.
Haunted by the remnants of a long-forgotten civil war, both Finn and the land itself bear the scars of past atrocities, with corruption festering within the castle's very foundations. A corruption that must be cleared if Finn wants to reclaim the fortress as their home.
But as they traverse Ith Ah'anza's ruined halls, they discover that it holds more than just memories. For deep below, another force stirs, whispering of forgotten prophecies and the resurgence of an ancient evil. An evil that Finn knows all too well…

The Golden Shard, the second novel in the thrilling Tales of Lor’Iyslar series, is a tale of redemption, discovery, and the unyielding power of the past. Amidst lingering threats and ancient curses, Evelyn, Finn, and their friends venture into the dark ruins of Ith Ah'anza, only to find an astonishing revelation that changes everything.