The Darkland Druids

A lost woman tied to a prophecy of death may be the Druids only chance at finally finding peace in Scotland. . . or the key to giving the forces of evil the power they need to rule over everything. Druids and Fae go head to head in this gripping fantasy saga!


The Darkland Druids - Book One

A secret past. A forbidden power. Someone’s got some serious explaining to do.

After her secretive father dies, Elspeth Quarrie embarks on a quest across the world to discover her unknown Scottish heritage.
Landing in Edinburgh, she doesn’t count on her first day being full of creepy graveyards, several attempted abductions, and nightmarish creatures hiding behind human faces.
When fate catches up with her, a mysterious stranger by the name of Raurich ‘Rory’ Mackenzie is there to help—only Elspeth does the saving, blasting their attacker with magic she didn’t know she had. Then, as shock sets in, Rory reveals she’s a Druid — an elemental supernatural being with the power to distort the very fabric of nature.
Desperate for answers, Elspeth follows Rory into an exciting hidden world where myth is reality and dreams are within reach…but not everything is as magical as it seems.
The Druids are being hunted by the Chimera, a dark sect of Fae warriors who desire power above all else.
And Elspeth may have just blown their cover.



The Darkland Druids - Book Two

A prophecy of doom. A destiny she cannot escape. When the black sun rises, death will choose the hand of fate.

The real Elspeth Quarrie has awoken, and with her comes a prophecy of extinction.
Her dark Fae power, known as the black sun, will destroy everyone she’s come to care about…unless she can rewrite a destiny given to her before she was even born.
But thwarting the threads of fate was never going to be that easy.
Now her spirit has awoken, Elspeth finds herself hunted by the ruthless Chimera — the dark sect of Fae warriors who are desperate to use her powers for evil. She knows its only a matter of time before she’s forced to fight. . . and when she does, she risks triggering the prophecy and destroying everyone she cares about.
Elspeth is determined to master her abilities before the Chimera find her. . . but is it already too late?
To find out, Elspeth will have to go to war.
Or risk the black sun rising.



The Darkland Druids - Book Three

Witches guard the way. The Fae hold all the secrets. And a woman from another world has three days to stop a devastating war…

Elspeth Quarrie has embraced her powers and her new name, Odhweine, and defeated the greatest threat the Druids have ever faced.
They are safe for now, but the fanatical Chimera are destined to return as long as Elspeth’s prophecy holds power. The only way to ensure her new family’s safety, is to travel to another world and end the threat once and for all.
To reach the Fae Realm, Elspeth and Rory need to win over the Witches, and once they do, they need to win over the illusive Fae Queen. It isn’t easy being a harbinger of death, especially when all Elspeth wants is to save the world…from herself.
But when the portal takes her somewhere unexpected, Elspeth finds herself in the fight of her life.
For the end of all things will begin in Un Alari…unless she can stop it.



The Darkland Druids - Book Four

When the black sun rises…nothing is as it seems.

The one place Elspeth Odhweine thought she’d find herself, another world wasn’t it.
As an honoured guest of the Fae court, she finds herself in the middle of a deadly game of political tug of war. She alone holds the fate of an entire race of magical people in her hands and she will either unite them, or send them to their deaths.
When they receive a lead on their illusive enemy, the Chimera, Elspeth and her friends embark on a treacherous journey to the top of the world in search for answers. She knows she must unravel the truth of her mother’s heritage before all she’s fought for turns to dust. Trekking across a glacier seems a small thing to do to find the answers she needs to stop the prophecy coming true.
But in the ice and snow lies a truth more deadly than they ever thought possible.
For in the heart of the mountain, death awaits the hand of fate.