The Camelot Archive

The Camelot Archive is an urban fantasy series set in the same alternate Arthurian world seen in The Arondight Codex. Demons, danger, and deadly romance await in this thrilling new twist on a familiar legend.


The Camelot Archive - Book One

They thought the war was over… Now the Dark is back with a vengeance.

Madeleine Greenbriar has everything she ever dreamed of…and is about to screw it all up.
Five years after the war with the Dark, the Naturals — the order of demon hunting mages who protect the world — are busier than ever. Demons still prowl the earth, searching for a way to prolong their lives, and Madeleine is on the front lines risking everything to end the threat once and for all.
But when she runs afoul of a demon and risks exposing the supernatural world to humanity, her future is on the line. As punishment, she’s transferred to the archaeological dig at Camelot.
Expecting a boring babysitting job, Madeleine is shocked when she lands in the middle of a secret so powerful, it might tear apart the entire world — again.
Can a moody goth girl hold it together long enough to stop another war erupting?
There’s only one way to find out.

Demon Bound is the first novel in The Camelot Archive, an urban fantasy series set in the same alternate Arthurian world seen in The Arondight Codex. Demons, danger, and deadly romance await in this thrilling new twist on a familiar legend. 



The Camelot Archive - Book Two

Demons, Druids, and buried secrets. The Camelot Archive is open for business.

When Madeleine Greenbriar finds herself the custodian of a mysterious new power, the timing couldn’t be worse.
The Camelot Archive has been unearthed, and with it a sickness that has stricken their revered leaders: the Twin Flames, Excalibur and Arondight. To make matters worse, a greater demon is desperate to get inside and unlock the mysterious vault hidden in its depths.
Without the Natural’s greatest power to defend Camelot, Madeleine is the only one capable of holding back the forces of Darkness, but she’s not sure she can control the unknown power in her soul.
But when the demon hybrid Elijah returns, he awakens more than she bargained for.
He not only holds the key to her heart, but Camelot’s salvation…or its destruction.



The Camelot Archive - Book Three

Relics from another world and ancient pacts. It’s just another day at Camelot…

Six years ago, the world Madeleine Greenbriar knew almost ended.
As the Naturals come together on a day of remembrance, Arondight delivers a warning that only Madeleine can hear, but it comes too late.
The vault under Camelot explodes, setting free a power that could remake their entire world.
The Natural’s only hope for survival lies within Avalon, a realm locked away in space and time. Problem is, no one knows the way...except the Druid Merlin who left for another world eight hundred years ago.
With Elijah’s help, Madeleine must travel through a hellish nightmare world to find the Druids…or watch the Earth burn.


Demon Eternal (The Camelot Archive #4)


The Camelot Archive - Book Four

Deadly secrets. Murder and revenge. The end of the world is nye and Camelot is the last bastion of hope…

Madeleine Greenbriar has returned to Earth, only to find a world on the brink of destiny.Camelot is in danger and with it, the Earth faces a terror like no other. Morgana has risen, determined to deliver revenge owed for thousands of years of suffering. Drawing the last of the Dark forces to her side, she’s amassing an army to march against the Naturals, and if they fall the Druids are next.
Their only hope of stopping the coming cataclysm lies with Madeleine. She holds the key to Morgana’s death, but to deliver the final blow, she may have to sacrifice everything.
Including her soul.