Stonebridge Witches

The Stonebridge Witches is a series where magic and destiny collide.
Will June master her powers and unlock the secret trapped in the woods before it's too late? Or will the darkness claim her soul and plunge Stonebridge into eternal night? 


Stonebridge Witches - Book One

Buried secrets. Magical lies. With a shadow’s whisper, darkness begins to rise…

When June Morgan returns to her hometown of Stonebridge, she isn’t expecting it to be easy. Having denied her magic for far too long, she feels it beginning to break free, leading her to seek out the Stonebridge Witches for help.
Turning to her one-time mentor, Alistair Blackthorn, June begins to seek control…only to find herself in the midst of shadowed whispers of a rising darkness that feels all too familiar. A power so consuming that claimed her parent’s lives and sent her running. A power, that left unchecked, could destroy the coven and expose their magic to the entire world.
But it’s the mysteries that lie hidden within Stonebridge itself that may be their undoing…or the key to dispelling the shadow once and for all.



Stonebridge Witches - Book Two

Shadow's Reflection is the second book of the Stonebridge Witches series, where magic and destiny collide.