*as of 2022

Any series can be read at any time* (with the exception of the Camelot Archive, which is a sequel to the Arondight Codex), but some series cross over and have multiple references to other worlds. If you’d like to read them in the best order for all the lore crossovers, the recommended reading order is below.

  1. Witch Hunter Saga (can be read at any time, contains some backstory)
  2. Crescent Witch Chronicles
  3. Arondight Codex
  4. Camelot Archive
  5. Darkland Druids
  • Australian Supernatural (Can be read at any time, contains lore that teases other series)
  • Fortitude Wolves (Can be read at any time - set in the Witch Hunter World, but stands alone)

This list may change as I add new stories in the multiverse, but they will more than likely slot in after the existing worlds and even branch into new ones. The possibilities are endless!

Australian Supernatural
The AS world begins with Australian Supernatural: Origins, which gives an overview to the universe and the supernatural peoples who live Down Under. I usually recommend to read Origins first because of this, but each series within the world is designed to be a stand alone adventure, read in any order.
To check out more about Australian Supernatural, including all available series, click here.


(As of 2022 - One day I'll get a proper graphic, but for now please enjoy my handwriting!)