Australian Supernatural: Goldfields

Set against the backdrop of Victoria’s vibrant Gold Rush history, Australian Supernatural: Goldfields tells the story of a young woman who is swept up in a struggle for power between witches and vampires that began almost 200 years ago.
Mystery, murder, and magic combine in this thrilling Urban Fantasy adventure!

The Power Within - Nicole R. Taylor


Australian Supernatural: Goldfields - Book One

A vampire with a thirst for revenge. A witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch. In this small Australian town, darkness is waiting to rise…

When Holly Burke’s eccentric aunt dies, she’s drawn to the country town of Dunloe. The small community is haunted by its violent Gold Rush past, where deadly paranormal secrets lay as thick as gold in the hard quartz below their feet.
Oblivious to the supernatural world, Holly soon finds herself in the middle of a war for power that’s been raging for almost two centuries. A power, according to legend, her family holds the key to. The catch? She has to die.
Trapped between two warring sides—witches and vampires—Holly must unravel the secrets hidden deep within the pages of history in order to save her future.
For without the power within, she doesn’t stand a chance.



Australian Supernatural: Goldfields - Book Two

Trapped ghosts, evil witches, and tormented vampires. With ultimate power at stake, can newly awoken witch Holly keep it together long enough to survive? 

Holly Burke has a big problem. Dark spirits are prowling outside her house, witches want to steal her powers, and she keeps spontaneously shooting electric sparks out of her hands.
With danger lurking around every corner, her only allies are two vampires who have major problems of their own — one may or may not be cursed, and the other is in the middle of an existential crisis. She’s already lost so much, and with her own life on the line, she can’t bear to lose anyone else, but she may not have a choice.
Things are spiralling out of control, and unless Holly can control her magic, she won’t stand a chance against the sinister rulers of Dunloe’s coven, the Trine.
As dark powers close in, the unlikely trio must stand together…or remain forever divided.



Australian Supernatural: Goldfields - Book Three

Enemies become allies. Allies become enemies. And the broken are remade…

Holly Burke’s life is falling apart. In the aftermath of disaster, her true enemy is unmasked and its changed everything she thought she knew about Dunloe, herself, and her family.
But with mayhem erupting all over town, she finds herself doing the last thing she expected—forming an alliance with the Trine, the leaders of the powerful coven that caused her family so much suffering.
Holly tries to forgive them for the damage they’ve done to her family, but it’s a tough ask. Murder, blood magic, and corruption are hard things to excuse.
But it’s a warning from beyond the grave that forces them to act. A door has been opened and if it’s not closed, the dead could overrun Dunloe and drag them all into Hell itself.
With everything on the line, forgiveness may be the only way to stave off the corruption threatening them all.



Australian Supernatural: Goldfields - Book Four

An ancient malice. An unknown legacy. Just when things were looking up, the world begins to crumble…again.

Holly Burke is haunted by the legacy left behind by not only the Trine, but her own family.
Handed everything that ever belonged to the witches of Dunloe, she doesn’t know what to do with it all. How do people go on living after the end is written?
But when mysterious happenings begin to crop up all around town, Holly realises that for the supernatural, there’s no such thing as a ‘happily ever after’. Reports of strange lights, shadowy figures, mutilated cattle, and diseased plants inundate the local police, and conspiracy theories run wild—UFOs, government coverups, and more—but Holly knows better.
Something doesn’t feel right, and she can’t shake the nagging sensation that maybe Hazel was right. That there’s more to the anomaly than just magic.

The Ruin Beneath 
is the fourth and final book in the Australian Supernatural: Goldfields series.
This is the story of what comes after the end. When the battle is thought to be won, when the weary try to live a normal life…but darkness always remains. 
And when the time is right…the ruin beneath will rise.