Australian Supernatural

In the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback lies the tiny opal mining town of Solace.
A witch runs the general store, a vampire cuts and polishes opal, the mechanic is a werewolf, a fae is the local layabout, and an elemental works the mine.
But what’s hidden underneath the baked earth is the most dangerous thing of all.

Outback Spirit - Australian Supernatural


Australian Supernatural - Book One

Opal, snakes, and supernatural beings. In Outback Australia, there’s more than one thing that’ll kill you…and it’s not entirely human.

Deep in the harsh and unforgiving Australian Outback lies the sleepy opal mining town of Solace. Frequently bypassed by all but the desperate, there’s nothing spectacular about it…on the surface.
Solace is a haven for supernatural outcasts. A witch runs the general store, a vampire cuts and polishes opal, the mechanic is a werewolf, a fae is the local layabout, and an elemental works the mine.
Everyone has a past, and the Exiles of Solace are no exception. But when a curious new arrival appears in town, they’ll do whatever it takes to protect their home…and the secrets each of them would die to protect.

Welcome to Solace, Outback Australia, where deep underneath the iconic red earth, lies more than glittering opal.


Sunburnt Country - Australian Supernatural


Australian Supernatural - Book Two

An ancient curse. A forgotten promise. When the past comes knocking, maybe it’s best to keep the door closed.

After a lifetime of searching, elemental Eloise Hart has found a new home amongst the exiled supernaturals of the remote Australian Outback town of Solace. But just as she begins to settle, trouble begins to brew.
Like Eloise, witch Vera Walsh has a troubled past of her own, and when it comes knocking it awakens not only her guilt, but something far darker than she ever expected. Everything is at risk, including the one thing the Exiles of Solace vowed to protect above all else.
As arcane fire threatens to overwhelm them all, and the heavy hand of the law reaches towards them, the Exiles face the ultimate dilemma…
How far are they prepared go to keep their home from falling into the hands of evil?

Sunburnt Country is the second book in Australian Supernatural, a magical series set in the red heart of Outback Australia where myth and magic live alongside the harsh and unforgiving land.



Australian Supernatural - Book Three

Vampires, convicts, and revenge plots. Who knew small town living could be so complicated?

The Australian Outback is a vast landscape rich with natural resources, but it’s an ancient land imbued with magic — some forgotten, and some just simmering underneath the surface.
Solace, the small opal mining town in outback New South Wales, has both.
But when big time mining company EarthBore sets up camp north of town, the Exiles are worried. There’s no telling what kind of impact it will have on the seal they’re protecting...and if it fractures, it could unleash a devastating power onto the world, leaving it in ruin.
The moment resident opal buyer and vampire Hardy looks into their new neighbours, he runs into an old acquaintance who makes one thing clear — their arrival is no coincidence. Solace has something they want, but the problem is, Solace ain’t selling.
Hardy’s painful convict past collides with the Exile’s future in spectacular fashion, and as the threat grows, they will have to make their most difficult choice yet.
Stay protectors...or go to war.

Desert Flame is the third book in Australian Supernatural, an urban fantasy series set in the ancient, magical red heart of the Australian Outback. Vampires, time travellers, and government conspiracies threaten to unleash an ancient horror in this thrilling new story…



Australian Supernatural - Book Four

A failed rebellion. An ancient black mountain. For Finn Oreah’anza, his walkabout may lead him to his death…or to the salvation of an entire world.

Solace, Outback Australia, is home to all kinds of supernatural creatures, but none as mysterious and alluring as the fae.
Finn Oreah’anza is the last of his people to stand with the Exiles against the lingering threat of total annihilation, but his own past hangs heavy on his shoulders. The truth of his exile, and the dark secrets he’s kept hidden for his entire life, may destroy the world he now calls home… unless he can find his way to absolution.
Finn knows the sacrifices he’s made to protect Solace’s seal aren’t enough to atone for evil deeds done in the name of a failed rebellion. His only hope is to embark on a spiritual walkabout through time and space, knowing it might mean his death if he fails to find the end of the path—if he can find it at all
When the storm clears, will he discover the dawn…or the last twilight of an entire world?



Australian Supernatural - Book Five

The secret to saving the world, lies in the dark places amongst the stars.

Sunset Dreaming is the final novel in the Australian Supernatural series. Myth, magic, and ancient souls collide in this thrilling finale. Secrets will be revealed and battles will be fought…

And when the sun sets, will it be on the death of a entire reality… or the rebirth of a new one?

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