Australian Supernatural: High Country

Set in the wild and romantic Snowy Mountains, Australian Supernatural: High Country tells the story of Grace Atkinson, who discovers a secret world of shapeshifting black panthers…and the evil forces who hunt them.


Australian Supernatural: High Country - Book One

Shapeshifters, conspiracy theories, and an urban myth brought to life.
Welcome to the Australian High Country, where secrets and magic lie beneath the melting snow.

After Grace Atkinson's city life crumbles, she’s forced to move back to her childhood home—the sleepy alpine town of Targangil.
When she arrives, she finds herself in the centre of not only her own family drama, but a flurry of mysterious black panther sightings—elusive predators rumoured to roam the wilderness, but whose existence has never been proven.
But when Grace comes face to face with a black panther in the shadow of a looming storm, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the sightings once and for all. But her world is shattered when she witnesses the panther transform…into a human being.
Lawson's hidden shapeshifting abilities have always been a closely guarded secret, but as his past catches up with him, Grace's discovery of his true identity exposes them both to danger.
Because he is hunted…and now so is she.



Australian Supernatural: High Country - Book Two

An impossible enemy. A terrible struggle. Under the starlit sky, the hunter will become the hunted.

Grace Atkinson’s life is in turmoil. After discovering that shapeshifting black panthers roam the Australian High Country, she finds herself alone as she grapples with the aftermath of the attack that almost killed her. An attack that’s left her with irreparable scars…and a deadly secret.
Shapeshifter Lawson vanishes, knowing that his presence will bring nothing but danger to the small alpine community, and to the woman he cares deeply about. Just knowing him puts her in harm’s way, but it’s his guilt over her attack that forces him to take action and wage a war of his own.
But amongst blood and starlight, Grace finds herself at the mercy of a powerful and secretive enemy who will stop at nothing to capture and control the magic running through Lawson’s veins. It’s a threat so dark, it could bring her entire world crashing down in an instant…and she’s forced to face it alone.
Grace’s only chance for survival is to accept the truth. That the terrible secret she’s been carrying since her attack may be the only thing that can save her.



Australian Supernatural: High Country - Book Three

Portals, spirits, and ancient legends. Deep within the Blue Mountains, whispers of a lost power beckon…

From the moment Grace Atkinson met enigmatic shapeshifter Lawson, her life has never been the same. His past shapes her future, forcing her to flee her High Country home and go on the run.
Desperate to win their freedom, they resume their search for the panther who started it all in hopes it will help. But when Grace stumbles into a portal that hurls her into a realm of luminous caverns and spectral panthers, the inhospitable nature of their reception catches her entirely off guard.
Determined the path to their salvation lies within the otherworldly cave, Grace embarks on a desperate search to find a way back, but Colonel Winslow and his soldiers’ relentless pursuit cast a shadow of danger not only over their own safety but also over the fate of those intertwined with them.
As survival teeters on a knife’s edge, Grace, Lawson, and their allies face a pivotal choice. Will they seize their destinies and unearth the truth? Or will they be ensnared in a web of their own making?



Australian Supernatural: High Country - Book Four

A chilling secret. A relentless enemy. When the battle ends, who will be left standing?

In the shadow of Australia's rugged High Country, a devastating battle is brewing. Grace and Lawson, their shapeshifter allies face an ominous ultimatum: fight for survival or die trying.
But when Winslow captures someone dear to Grace, the stakes skyrocket, and they are forced to mount a daring assault on Winslow's underground facility. It’s a battle that will destroy his sinister experiments once and for all, but he has weapons and dark magic of his own lying in wait…
As secrets unravel and alliances are tested, Grace must harness her growing powers and courage to defy destiny and protect those she loves.
Death, capture, or freedom. When the battle is over, and the ash settles, which will it be?
The climactic finale is here.