Fortitude Wolves

Fortitude Wolves is a fast-paced, suspenseful Urban Fantasy series set in Australia!
Werewolves and vampires are embroiled in a war for supremacy and a troubled woman is in the centre of it all…only she doesn’t know it. 
Packed with suspense, action, and supernatural secrets, this series is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Fortitude Wolves - Book One

A werewolf and a vampire walk into a pub…and embark on a road trip from hell.

Sloane is trying to make the best of a bad situation.
She’s spent most of her life trying to hide from her troubled past, keeping her head down and her identity a secret. But she has no idea how much danger she’s in until a vampire walks into the pub where she works.
Pushed headfirst into a supernatural world she never knew existed, Sloane finds herself the target of a mysterious clan of vampires known as the Hollow Men. They’re looking for a special werewolf, one who isn’t bound by the power of the moon. Someone like Sloane.
Forced to team up with a vampire sent by her maniacal father, the alpha of the Fortitude Wolves, she has no choice but to flee across the vast Australian outback if she wants to live.
With death snapping at her heels, the lesser of two evils may be her only way out…
Unless she answers the call of the wolf within.




Fortitude Wolves - Book Two

Hunted by vampires. Challenging for alpha. For werewolf Sloane, the real battle is about to begin.

After being pursued by vampires and hunted by rival wolves, Sloane and Chaser have finally made it to their destination—the home of the Fortitude Wolves, the meanest werewolf pack on the east coast of Australia.
With vampires desperate to control her extraordinary power, Sloane is faced with a new challenge—how to understand who she was born to be—but there’s only one thing she wants after all the misery she’s been through. A happy ending. One where the Fortitude Wolves are hers to rule and her father’s legacy is ash on the wind.
With Chaser by her side and one long list of people to avenge, she believes she can challenge for alpha and win, but earning the trust of the pack is easier said than done.
She’s about to learn that supernatural loyalty is the most dangerous game of them all.