A New Witch Hunter Book is Coming!

After two long years (has it really been that long?!) a new chapter in The Witch Hunter Saga is coming!

This novel is going to follow Nye, Gabby, Tristan and Isobel in the months after their showdown with Aed in The Awakening. I really loved writing about Nye in the last two books, so I’m really excited about revisiting him. His story is going to be the main focus of The Unhallowed <—which is the title of the new book! It’ll have all the witchy, romancey, angsty fun that featured in the original series and more!

I don’t have a solid release date set yet, but you can preorder now on iBooks! The direct link is below, along with the cover and blurb. Just be aware that the date may change, but the book will be out THIS YEAR. It will be available on all retailers (including Amazon, Nook, Google Play and Kobo), so please keep an eye out The best and easiest way to be notified when The Unhallowed is ready to go, is to sign up for my email newsletter, which will be making a comeback really soon!

In the meantime, if anyone likes Romance and Romantic Suspense, I’ve been writing tons of books as my other persona, Amity Cross.
I have a six book series about an assassin who’s assigned to kill the woman he’s falling for, an eight book series following a bunch of MMA Fighters who fight for glory in an underground cage fighting ring, a six part series about a group of rock stars looking for love and a stand alone romance about a shy woman who lands her dream gig writing for a hit US TV show!
Visit her webpage here. <—be sure to check out the free reads section!



5_UnhallowedThe Unhallowed

Book #5 in the Witch Hunter Saga

The King is dead…Long live the King.
Nye Saer is four hundred year old vampire. Bad guy, one time leader of the notorious Six who’s trying to turn over a new leaf and grow a heart.
With all six Roman founders dead and gone, it’s up to him to bring order back to the London underworld, but there’s one problem. They don’t fear him as much as they should.
Isobel is the human sister of the newborn founder Alex…and you never want to mess with a founding vampire, no matter how good they claim to be. When she turns up on his doorstep, Nye has to go against everything he is in order to protect her from his enemies. But when strange markings begin to appear all over London, unrest amongst the vampires and his conflicting concern over Isobel will be the least of Nye’s problems. He’s seen the symbols before and there’s only one thing it could mean.
The Unhallowed are back…and they’re not happy.

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